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About us

Who we are

Walsall Community Transport is a charitable not-for-profit organisation whose objectives include the provision of a fleet of minibuses to provide a range of transport services. We primarily provide these services for community groups, the elderly, people with disabilities or other mobility problems throughout the borough of Walsall. We are one of the largest operators of its kind in the country, well established with over 30 years of experience and enjoy an enviable reputation for both quality of service and professionalism.

All our staff understand the needs of passengers and go out of their way to ensure their care and comfort during their journey. Safety is a top priority with all our staff fully trained to maintain high standards of care and compliance in legal safety requirements.

All of our drivers are experienced and well trained, operating in excess of 20 modern, well equipped minibuses. We have a wide range of comfortable and well-maintained vehicles specifically built for those with mobility issues, with wheelchair access and lifts on all vehicles.

We are known for leading the way in ensuring passenger safety standards are met, especially those involved when carrying passengers with limited mobility.

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Using Community Transport

Some 200 groups every year regularly use our Community Transport services to provide their members with access to a whole range of activities, events and amenities. Ease of booking, modern well equipped minibuses, as well as friendly and caring staff and volunteers are all factors that are making transport less of a nightmare for groups around Walsall.

Any not-for-profit organisation can apply for membership to use our resources to accommodate their member’s needs.  Whether it’s a group of elderly residents who want to enjoy a day out; or a group of young people such as the scouts or a sports team organising a trip to a leisure venue or attraction. We can also provide services on a regular basis under contract.

As a not-for-profit charity, we don’t have a profit motive. As a result our charges are usually much lower than those typically offered by commercial equivalents, allowing us to bring safe and affordable transport to groups with even the smallest of budgets. So get in contact with us and our friendly booking staff will help plan your journey.

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